We help leaders and teams to perform better, creating perpetual high performance

Discover our approach that supports people (across all diversities) and organisations to thrive. We believe in: trust-based teamwork, authentic and congruent leadership, happiness and well-being. Experience some of our indoor and outdoor activities. Understand how working with our horses and sheep can develop self-awareness and change behaviours quickly, creating positive internal states that last to meet the challenges faced in a fast-paced, competitive world. Share your thoughts on our approach and explore how we could support you develop your people to be the best they can be. We welcome the opportunity to share our experiences and approach with those who are seeking powerful and fun methods to support people of all diversities be the best they can be. Waves has the ability to provide and integrate Subject Matter Experts at the point of need with other defence organisations, to actively shape Defence training that matches the agile minds of its people, to operate technologically optimised equipment in a rapidly developing arena. Waves blends this expertise with experience to ensure Defence have the training to support their necessary commitments, and to keep within budget and time, across a full spectrum of capabilities. Why do we do it? Our belief in supporting defence stems from Waves’ employees past service. All of us are veterans and we believe in supporting the Armed Forces. Waves was awarded the Gold Defence Employer Recognition Scheme award in 2016 and remain an active member of the Gold Alumni – championing and advocating ex-service men and woman and the unique skill sets they offer.