Defence Joint Education Pathway JFC SE

Challenge: Given the compressed timeline of any operational deployment, staff officer individual augemntees (IAs) to a ‘Joint’ Headquarters are rarely classifies as Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP) upon their arrival.  Time is then ‘wasted’ in training and developing the staff … Read More

Design of Collective Training Objectives for Tier 2 and Tier 2++

Challenge: To review and refresh the Mission Task List (Air), (MTL(A)) based upon the current Joint Task List (JTL), the RAF Command Plan and NATO STANAGs; to develop appropriate Team Performance Statements (TPS) which identify the accompanying Performance, Conditions and … Read More

Training Needs Analysis Police Now

Challenge: The Metropolitan Police Service ‘Police Now’ (PN) initiative follows the principles of ‘Teach First’ and ‘Front Line’ – recruiting 2:1 plus graduates into policing for 2 years to perform the duties of a Dedicated Ward Officer (DWO) and make … Read More

Assurance and design Private Security in Iraq

Challenge: To audit and design the current and future training requirement of the mobile and static security services for the Australian Embassy in Baghdad in order to prepare for an effective Iraqification of the security workforce. The training was to … Read More

Saudi Arabian National Guard Signal Corps TNAs

Challenge: The current National Guard Signal School (NGSS) at Khashm al-An is the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG) Signal Corps (SC) centre of excellence for the delivery of Communication and Information Systems. It is currently undergoing a 4 phase programme … Read More

Afghan National Army Officer Academy TNAs

Challenge: To support the UKs strategic Afghanistan National Army Officer Academy Project, which is the UK’s only current commitment to Afghanistan post 2014. The requirement was to produce the Course Training Package (CTP) for the 12 month ANA Commissioning Course … Read More

Assurance and Design Libyan Armed Forces Phase 1 Training

Challenge: Having supported the development and translation of Operation VOCATE Short Term Training Team lesson plans and supporting training media for the Phase 1 training delivered by UK Armed Forces to the Libyan Armed Forces in Bassingbourn, on the cessation … Read More

RN Engineering Officer Competence Framework and Mapping

Challenge: The Royal Navy (RN) Engineer Branch Strategy recognised that “engineering is a fundamental enabler of Naval Capability” and outlined how the Engineering Branch will enable the Future Navy Vision (2025). This project supported that strategy and formed the basis … Read More

Analysis and Course Design RN Engineering Programme FARADAY

Challenge: Programme FARADAY was implemented to oversee the Engineer General Service recovery plan in order to sustain a branch which is ready for future challenges through the provision of a Competence Based Approach to Training. There is a training requirement … Read More

Training Needs Analysis Bridge Synthetic Navigation

Challenge: The current Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST) capabilities are being utilised at, or above, design capacity and are becoming expensive to support owing to ageing technology and a lack of spares. A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) was required to … Read More