Challenge: To support the UKs strategic Afghanistan National Army Officer Academy Project, which is the UK’s only current commitment to Afghanistan post 2014. The requirement was to produce the Course Training Package (CTP) for the 12 month ANA Commissioning Course and the full training solution for the ANA Instructor Cadre and the Coalition Force Mentor Course. Combined, this would provide qualified and trained ANA instructors to deliver the commissioning course and UK mentors to support them through the process. The academy was a new capability and modelled on Sandhurst. On commencement of the training evaluation was required to support CI and ensure the training continued to meet the need.

Solution: Over an 18 month period a TNA and subsequent course design materials were produced resulting in a full suite of auditable training material. This included the requirement for designing the coaching requirements for the ANA instructors and the CF Mentors. The training was delivered at RMAS in Camberley and Waves conducted assurance on the Master Trainers and Mentors courses to ensure the delivery was in line with the requirement and through supporting a deployment to Qharga ensured the training met the needs of the job.

Results: A fully auditable and legally compliant training solution was produced for one of the UK’s strategic projects, supporting the ANA in modernising their leadership training and capability. The instructors were fully invested in to ensure the newly designed content could be delivered effectively. Continuous improvement was conducted to ensure the need was being met.

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