Challenge: Programme FARADAY was implemented to oversee the Engineer General Service recovery plan in order to sustain a branch which is ready for future challenges through the provision of a Competence Based Approach to Training. There is a training requirement to enable personnel from existing source branches to make the transition into the integrated branch, to operate as a Head of Group (HoG) or Warrant Officer (WOET). This was being delivered via a new Individual Competency Framework (ICF) with the five pillars of Operate, Maintain, Diagnose, Repair and Mentor (OMDRM).

Solution: Waves produced an endorsed and auditable course training package, including a contract amendment which focused on trainer development, competence based scenarios and the building of course content on the Defence Learning Environment. Waves provided a team of 5 permanently embedded in Portsmouth to support delivery of a complex end to end solution. This produced a highly effective customer facing working environment. The course training package provided clearly defined conditions, standards, clarity and depth to the newly implemented ICF.

Results: The project produced a critical training solution through the creation of an endorsed modularised course training package. The outcome was a transformational approach to training which flipped the classroom, increased learner pull, focused on problem-based learning based activities, and supported delivery through the development of instructors to be more capable to deliver the final FARADAY training outcome. Waves supported the FARADAY vision and created a new learnscape. This achievement was presented at ITEC May 2016, The Enterprise Approach.

The learnscape was achieved through the working with leaders, trainers and future learners to ensure we achieved the Programme FARADAY objectives. The relationships they had with all Stakeholders was excellent. It absolutely met the exam question. Their agile decision-making process and flexibility meant that momentum was consistently maintained throughout this long and complex project

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