Challenge: To audit and design the current and future training requirement of the mobile and static security services for the Australian Embassy in Baghdad in order to prepare for an effective Iraqification of the security workforce. The training was to be mapped against Australian security standards for accreditation and legal compliance

Solution: Two L&D Principal Consultants deployed to Baghdad / UAE for 3 weeks and completed a full TNA and course design for the provision of static and mobile security services to the Embassy. Embedding fully with the team, working ‘operational hours’ alongside all job roles, this was a collaborative task that required a ‘roll your sleeves up’ approach to meet the tight time frame

Results: The training for static and mobile security provision was produced, auditable back to the job requirement. The final solution considered the traits and skills of local nationals, and mapped the solution to International Security Standards accreditation. This robust solution would support the reduction in risk to the security provision if the Iraqification process were to happen

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