Challenge: Waves extended its understanding of Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) officer training by conducting an extensive review of an RLC officer specialisation: Ammunition Technical Officer (ATO). Waves, supported by the Optima Group, undertook a collaborative exercise with the Royal School of Military Engineering (RSME) and the Defence Explosive and Munitions Search (DEMS) Training Regiment to review the ATO course. ATOs are the British Army’s ammunition and explosives experts, responsible for the management, maintenance and disposal of industrial and improvised ammunition. The ATO course prepares students for this highly complex, challenging and dangerous role.

Solution: Waves conducted a thorough 4-week Scoping Exercise (SE) reviewing all extent documentation and processes to identify errors, omissions and DSAT non-compliance. From this, an implementation plan was produced in conjunction with RSME and DEMS, mapping the actions and steps required to better develop logically flowing sequential training to meet the course objectives and therefore the OPS/RPS/FTS, and how Waves could add maximum value in the remaining Project time.

Outcome: Waves delivered 191 days of contracted, collaborative, DSAT-compliant support over the 6-month project. The SE audited extant course material, identified risks, omissions and non-compliance, and was used to great effect to update and guide the Customer in an improved LScalar and future training structure. Subsequently, Waves further assisted by reviewing the Storage Management Module LSpec Part 1. This work provided the RLC a firm base from which to take forward additional work on LSpec Part 2 and its inherent KLPs and KSA. Additionally, Waves produced an AStrat; giving an overarching view of how each TO (across the Course) should be assessed, and will be used as a good hand-rail when producing ASpecs.

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