Challenge: Through the Imagery Exploitation Programme the integrated imagery system TARIEN will consolidate the collection, sharing and discovery of data that is traditionally gathered through multiple locations, systems, and databases to transform this raw imagery and sensor data into layered, detailed maps which support troops on the ground.
Waves were invited to provide SME consultation in the creation of DSAT JSP 822 compliant design stage 3 Learning Specifications (LSpec) and an Assessment Specification (ASpec) from deliverables created by different organisations.

Solution: At short notice, Waves deployed a L&OD analyst to support the Quality Assurance (QA) of previous TNA deliverables, Learning Scalar and to provide SME consultation in the production of the LSpecs and ASpec. Thus, ensuring that best practice in DSAT Design and Analysis were incorporated into the production of the DSAT deliverables against a TARIEN system that was at that time in the Design and Manufacture stages of the CADMID cycle. Waves continued to support the subcontractor through the Customer QA phase of deliverable endorsement.

Results: Waves assisted the subcontractor in producing a fully compliant and auditable set of DSAT JSP 822 documents, that will effectively enable the facilitation of delivery and assurance of training for TARIEN.
Through the QA audits, Waves supported the subcontractor to identify TNA project risks, inconsistencies within the TNA design, advise on solutions to the project issues and risks. Coupled with the insertion of best practice for DSAT Stage 3 Design; Waves successfully coached and mentored the subcontractor, enabling them to gain customer endorsement and final acceptance of DSAT deliverables, for a complex software and hardware based course.

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