Challenge: To support alignment to the MOD’s System Approach to Training, using products from TNAs there was a requirement to design and produce 23 training courses (representing 441 training days), including high quality eLearning courseware to complement the Blended Learning instructional environment at the Royal School of Artillery and ensure that compliancy with education standards is met.

Solution: Over a 12 month period, Waves, working in collaboration with SVGC and The Moment, embedded 1 (and when required) 2 course designers to produce the 23 Course Training Package (CTP)s, each included; course directive, learning scalar, learning specifications, assessment strategy, assessment specifications, final block syllabus and a course programme which included the programming of all instructional periods.

Results: DSAT compliant Course Training packages were designed and developed for 23 RA delivered courses across all ranks (Levels 1-5). The Waves element of the project was completed on schedule and to the customer’s quality. Interim project evaluation results with the customer rated Waves services at 93% satisfaction. Awaiting full post project evaluation on completion of the e-learning component.

“RSA testimonial, SO2 Training RSA”
• Manpower embedded into the RSA environment – improved lines of communication – RSA trainers had easy access.
• The Waves course designers have an in depth knowledge of JSP822 DSAT and with their military background they speak the same language as the trainers reducing instructor face time.
• Manpower dedicated to the contract has provided continuity and as a result of this they have produced an increase in throughput.

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