Challenge: The Royal Navy (RN) required to meet legislated higher standards of environmental control relating to the prevention of pollution from ships (including submarines) at sea by the ejection of waste and the facilitation of Mixed Manning in Submarines. To comply with this, the RN will fit new Oily Water Separators, Solid Waste Management Systems and Protected Atmosphere Ventilated Environment to Astute Class and Vanguard Class submarines. A Training Needs Analysis was required for the operation and maintenance of these equipment.

Solution: A Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) compliant Training Needs Analysis (TNA) was carried out and a resultant Training Options Analysis provided stakeholders with innovative and varied options to meet the gap. These options were inclusive of setup and 10 year ROM costs. The Training Steering Group (TSG) members were supplied with a Method of Training Effectiveness scoring template so that a TSG-scored cost efficient training option could be chosen for each role.

Results: Production of fully auditable, legally compliant training solutions were delivered and accepted for the critical upgrades and new equipment being fitted to the RN submarines. These will directly support operational deployments of the Astute Class and Vanguard Class submarines and the Fleet mission.

The Waves team were hugely professional throughout this project with excellent communication skills and an extremely in-depth knowledge of DSAT.

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