Challenge: At 65,000 tonnes, the Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) are the largest ships ever operated by the Royal Navy. One of the key components to enable the effective delivery of Carrier Strike Effect is the Integrated Navigation Bridge System (INBS). This system, whilst based upon commercial off the shelf equipment is unique to the QEC. The Royal Navy requires a robust training solution for INBS maintainers
that whilst embed the latest technology also take maximum
advantage of existing material.

Solution: Waves conducted an auditable and compliant Defence Systems Approach to Training, Training Needs Analysis for the bridge maintainers (WE POET / WE LET). Visits were undertaken to Rosyth for Role Analysis and Northrup Grumman Sperry Marine – the manufacturers of the INBS. This was the final TNA for the QEC Equipment as it transitions in to IOC currently predicted for Apr 18.

Results: Through detailed analysis and effective liaison with both Royal Navy and commercial stakeholders The Waves Team produced an Operational Performance Statement which clearly identified both the tasks to be undertaken and the conditions under which each task is conducted. From this detail, Waves not only identified and recommended a cost effective training solution but also identified areas where the training solution could be reused across other platforms, providing a potential cost saving to the Royal Navy.

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