363® for Leaders

Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders introduces a new kind of 360. It offers a variety of report options to improve understanding and promote positive change across your team.

How does 363 profiling work?
The team uses CommentSmart, an anonymous, DiSC®-exclusive comments feature, to give focused, balanced and constructive feedback on the leader. The leader also completes a profile. The combined results create a valuable learning tool for the leader. This report clearly shows the robust collection of feedback data into a unique 363 graph for each leader.
363 Leader Profile
Following the online assessment, each leader receives a fully customisable, 22+ page, personalised report that includes:
  • An introduction to the 363 model; the Eight Leadership Approaches and associated best practices
  • Leadership outlooks
  • Colleagues’ comments in relation to 8 key leadership practices
  • The degree to which raters see them using the leadership practices
  • Key strengths as a Leader
  • 3 personalised action points to increase effectiveness in the areas highlighted by the team

Click here to see a sample of the Everything DiSC® 363 profile

363 Facilitator Report

Designed to use exclusively with the Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders report, the 363® Facilitator Report pulls data to assemble 360 feedback from a group of leaders. In addition to a group summary, the 363 Facilitator Report breaks up data by rater category (Manager, Peer, etc.), by each practice and visually through each leader’s 363 graph, to compare and contrast feedback from every angle. Click here

363 Coaching Supplement

The Coaching Supplement gives an overview of a delegate's DiSC style, scores for the Leadership Behaviour and Leadership Requests sections and provides a Performance Gap Analysis. Click here