Crisis Response

How do people respond in a crisis?

The last few months have reminded us all that emergency events happen here in the UK, and it’s important that we are prepared, both as individuals and as teams. Explore crisis response through a series of table top exercises designed to share with you unfolding scenarios that require strategic thinking, decision making and planning under pressure. The intensity of the programme increases as time passes, and the decisions you take will affect what happens next. These sessions can be tailored to look at scenarios that might affect your organisation or business; or focus in on situations which you could find yourself in as an individual.


In a crisis, sometimes there isn’t a “good” solution, and you may find yourself having to make the “least worst” decision. These sessions will help you to explore how make those difficult decisions, and how to communicate them to others around you.


No one person has all the answers – and this is especially true in crisis management, where the whole team needs to come together and share information in order to generate a common understanding so that the best possible decisions can be made. During these sessions, you will support one another to manage the situation; and you’ll probably find people have skills and knowledge you didn’t know they had! This package is delivered by facilitators who support Governmental bodies in preparation for crisis events. Sessions can be half or whole day, for up to 18 participants. Please contact us for further details.