Working With Our Horses - The Art of Leadership

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man” Sir Winston Churchill

Experience the art of leadership through working with horses. Learn for yourself and your organisation how important trust, respect and authenticity are in achieving self-awareness and results. Horse Assisted education (HAE) is accelerated powerful experiential learning which provides a wonderful, safe and sacred place to learn. Whether learning is experienced for a second, a minute or hours, the length of time does not matter. Once experienced, recalling a HAE activity creates a positive internal state. Horses provide natural and honest feedback about an individual’s leadership style and their level of emotional intelligence. Our HAE programme engages all the senses and provides a safe environment for participants to move out of their comfort zone. HAE supports leadership and team development.

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Working with horses helps to develop congruent, authentic leadership. This is not about imposing your will or your presence but about how you use your energy to demonstrate and practice:

  • Vision, clarity and execution.
  • Trust and respect.
  • Different leadership positions.
  • Self-understanding and leadership.


Working with our horses focuses you on your role within the team and how cohesively you work together to achieve a task. The team will need to show clarity of purpose, awareness, belief in self and others, confidence and dynamic leadership.

European Association for horse assisted education (EAHAE)

Waves is an authorised EAHAE provider and member. Established in 2004 as a non-profit international organisation, its vision is to develop HAE as a form of personal and professional development, encouraging and enabling the members to work together and share ideas. Please contact us for further details.