An Ideal Team Player

Establishing high performing teams is quicker and simpler when the individuals within the team embody the virtues of an Ideal Team Player. Based on the work of Patrick Lencioni, and his book 'The Ideal Team Player', there is evidence that, when a person brings the three virtues of being Humble, Hungry and Smart, they add immediate value to a team and require less coaching and managing.


Having a balance between egotistical and self-deprecating. It is ok to say you are good at something, if you are, but admit when you are not. Don’t think less of yourself, think of yourself less. Sweep the sheds - you are never too big for the small jobs.

Hungry (To Learn and Work Hard)

Learn and adopt a growth mind set, step outside of your comfort zone. Support team results and work until these are completed.

Smart (People)

Be able to read the team dynamics and adapt yourself and your behaviours to get the best from the individual / team / situation. Care about how you come across to people.


Recruiting the right person against these virtues can reduce staff turnover when used in the recruitment process. Supports the achievement of high performing teams by overcoming the dysfunctional behaviours in a team quicker.

Our Programme

We can facilitate a programme to develop Ideal Team Players based on these virtues, through self assessments, and supporting the role of the managers and leaders.