Kingdom of Saudi Arabia MOD Transformation Officer Selection – PricewaterhouseCoopers

Challenge: PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as part of the Defence Transformation Programme, tasked Waves to support their assessment of 2,500 Lieutenant Colonels, Colonels and Brigadiers drawn from each of the four Services within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) Armed Forces and … Read More

Needs Analysis Army Intelligence Capability

Challenge: The Army’s Capability Directorate for Information cognisant of a changing defence environment wished to update and ensure the relevancy of their current Tactical Intelligence course. They wanted to review the role of the Tactical Intelligence Practitioner and put in … Read More

Needs Analysis and Design Reserve Assault Pioneer

Challenge: To regenerate Reserve Assault Pioneer capability, where no training / job specifications currently existed. This required analysis of new job roles without any defined policy and consideration of resources constraints (time [14 days max], real estate, manpower). The Army … Read More

Civilian Operationally Protected Vehicle Training Needs Analysis

Challenge: The use of Operational White Fleet (OWF) and Civilianised Armoured Vehicles (CAV) in UK Defence theatres of operation is not a new concept . However this method of operation has required operational planners to consider the implications of their … Read More

All Arms Adjutant Training Needs Analysis and Course Design

Challenge: An Adjutant is a staff officer who assists the commanding officer of a regiment or battalion with the complex management and delivery of the G1 staff function, in particular matters concerning manning, discipline and personnel policy. The challenge was … Read More

Training Optimisation Review Combat Arms

Challenge: As a consequence of the Army 2020 (A2020) and Future Reserve 20 (FR20) studies, Capability Combat (The Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) and Infantry) has had to reorganise and develop new core capabilities to meet the emerging threats posed by … Read More

Captains Warfare Course Training Assurance

Challenge: To conduct Training Assurance on behalf of Army Headquarters and the Land Warfare Centre, through an audit of the Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) course documentation and Level 1 / 2 Training Assurance on a new middle management … Read More